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A Lucid Epiphany

by Shana Williamson
(Charleston, SC USA)

I have narcolepsy and experience lucid dreaming quite often. One time about a year ago I woke up in a dream when I realized I was bouncing higher than I had ever bounced in real life. High enough to reach the sky. I woke and decided it was particularly fun so why not continue. I noticed others around start to say how is she doing that. And I simply yelled you can too you just don't remember. At this others started bouncing too, it was more like soaring through the air only we were generally going upwards and downwards.

I have these dreams a lot where I can fly or bounce really high or walk on air and it is always exhilarating. I love those dreams. Anyways I came down to earth again after my soaring and I found myself frightened I was no longer outside I was in a room with a bunch of people I didn't know. Two were making out with each other and the other person was this girl. She had red hair at first then it turned a shade of pink then green then purple. She had the palest skin ever and she was wearing all black, her top was tiny barely covering her skin and she had a tattoo on her back of a fairy. I told her she looked like a vampire and she said that's what everyone says. They call me Vampire girl. I laughed at this and asked her how she made her hair turn different colors and she said, "you can do it too, you just can't remember." Using my own line on me I once again woke up and realized hey I am dreaming for I believe I had forgotten in this brief part of the dream that I was.

She had a smile on her face and I left her when I went outside I remember it was between dark and day. There was literally a sun and a moon present at the same time. Opposite each other of course it was quite dramatic. And once again I had this feeling that something was wrong. I began walking up to these little girls I saw in the street. One was a bit older than the other little girl and the older one was showing the younger how to draw water up magically from a puddle into your hand without even touching it. It was amazing and I was amazed. Even though I knew I could do this too I had never actually thought of it. Finding the older girl to be knowledgable I followed them as they skipped around an old crumbling house. As I was behind them I saw their faces change and they even grew taller. They were still young but not as young. As I was hovering a few feet back the older girl turned around and I saw her face had paint on it. It was a painting of flowers all over her cheeks. It was very pretty and every time I looked at it it would change into different flowers of all colors.

She also changed her facial features quite often. One moment she was herself the next she was Indian still with the flowers on her face. I realized I was staring and she asked me what it was that I wanted. She said I wasn't suppose to be here. I told her that there must be a reason that I am here and then I asked her what is wrong with me? I know that that is an odd question for a 23 year old woman to ask a young child in a lucid dream. But at the time it felt pertinent to figure out what it was I needed her for. I truly felt I needed her guidance.

She told me that I had shadow people following me as she looked behind me and I quickly turned and saw nothing. I tried to continue to follow her around the house and I even screamed out to her to wait. Please I said, I do not understand. At this time I was no longer in the same place I was back at an old childhood home I lived in from the ages of 4-13. I always hated this home as it brought back bad memories and when I returned to it in this dream it was falling apart and run down so bad. I tried to go inside and the steps crumpled beneath my feet. Then I saw a cat and I tried to follow it into the home and the cat turned into a black cat suddenly and I got a very bad feeling.

As I began to walk away and down the street I ran into a wolf. He was growling and foaming at the mouth. He was showing me his teeth and I was certain he was going to get me. The fear ripped inside my chest and I felt overwhelming shock and pain inside of myself. Then somehow miraculously instead of turning and running in the opposite direction I walked towards the wolf and he suddenly vanished and all that was left in his spot was a fire hydrant.

After this I continued to walk and a bus came by that looked exactly like my school bus when I was in middle school. It stopped right in front of me and I decided to get on. When I got on it was no longer my school bus or the same street. It was a subway in some foreign place I have never been. When I went to take a seat a man beckoned me to him and I sat beside him. I remember he had the strangest eyes and a smile on his face that was somewhat knowing. I asked him where we were going and he never answered me and then I woke up.

Now this dream was a dream that was very dramatic for me. I generally always remember my dreams but this was different. I was aware inside the dream, I was able to do and say things I wanted to. I was awake. I honestly think this dream was some sort of sign for me in my life at that time. I was having a hard time sleeping and I was fearful when it came to my narcolepsy and my sleep paralysis. I always saw things during sleep paralysis and I assumed they were spirits or ghosts, even demons at times. After this dream I sort of realized that we create our own ghosts and demons. That the past can haunt us if we let it. It was a symbolic dream. It had to be. And it certainly was a epiphany. I will give it that.

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