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A Pink Elephant

by Marilyn

I have called this 'A Pink Elephant' because I was of course dreaming a vivid, colorful dream of a forest filled with unusual foliage and trees. The colors were so magnificent that I began to focus on them because of their beauty. It was of course surreal. Then, all of a sudden a pink elephant came meandering through the forest. That is when the realization came to me that I was in the midst of a lucid dream. The key things I think that helped me enter into this lucid dream state were of course an awareness of lucid dreams; a focus on specific things that attracted me in the dream environment; and something so unusual (pink elephant) that it triggered the knowledge of what was happening. Unfortunately I became so excited that I came out of the state.

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In response to leaving a lucid dream too fast
by: Shana Ashley Williamson

I read your story and I wanted to tell you that I have Lucid Dreams as well. I have been having them for years now anyways you are right as to how you became lucid. Usually something within the dream attracts your conscious mind into thinking about the possibility of this being real. And therefor you tend to wake up inside the dream and bam you are lucid. This lucid state is very exciting and intimidating to some but it generally last about 30 seconds for the average person who does not have many lucid dreams. I had the same thing happen to me. I was lucid then I was awake and I was mad at losing the opportunity to literally controlling my dreams but as time has passed something inside me has made my mind stay in the lucid state longer and longer each time I enter it. It is almost like I am aware that it is a dream but I do not focus my attention on that as much as I do to controlling the dream, I stay calm and I go wherever I want. It is quite amazing. Also wanted to tell you that attempting to talk while in a lucid dream (like with your mouth) will make it end faster as well. I have had three lucid dreams where my deceased cousin Millie appeared and every time I would attempt to speak to her and I would look down and realize I could not utilize my mouth or voice at all and then I would wake. Now I realize she was talking to me and I was trying to respond but she never opened her mouth, she was talking to me through her mind. I mean it sounds crazy but trust me, if you have another Lucid dream just remember while in it that it is not as important to realize you are in your bed sleeping as it is to focus on controlling the dream and do not attempt to use your literal voice, use your mind. And also if you want it to occur more often it helps to create triggers for yourself. Such as meditate on something (for instance a cat) before you go to sleep and in a deep state of meditation tell yourself that if you should see a cat in your dreams then you will become lucid, aware and in control of the dream (you will know you are dreaming because you triggered the event before hand) and then you will more likely have them. A trigger can be anything. So just try it out and see where it goes. I have them at least twice a week. And it is fun to fly, jump as high as you can, go to where ever your mind can think up, the depths of your mind is where lucid dreaming take you and you will start to say wow, what an imagination I have. Peace and Love, ASH*

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