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Blurred Figure

by Miranda Allison
(Ontario, Canada)

About an hour ago (4am), I woke from a strange dream but I wasn't actually fully awake. My arms were literally standing straight up, I was confused at the same time, they had started flopping around in different directions, like I was trying to find something in my bed. Soon after I felt my upper body start to shift, trying to go over the side of my bed… like something was trying to push me off of my bed and I was fighting it to stay on.

Then I fall back into this dream and I am not sure how long it was before I was hearing a loud high pitch ringing in both of my ears. I couldn't cover my ears because my arms were unable to move and I got a chill that was cold, I could feel every single hair stand up on my body. I was struggling and frustrated for a while trying to avoid the noise and thinking of a strategy to get out of my room as quick as possible, but I kept falling in and out of the dream so quickly.

The last time I woke, I had opened my eyes to this huge blurred figure that was hovering over me near my window, I could feel my hands they felt like they were actually sinking into my bed and I started to panic, I let out a gasp because then it felt like something was pushing down on my throat and I couldn't breathe, like two giant hands trying to choke me.

I snapped out of what happened maybe 10 minutes after the fact and jumped to turn the light on, came on the computer to see if anyone else has ever experienced a terror that was actually physical in ways? I've had maybe 4 night terrors in my whole life and the last one I had I was 15 or so and I'm 21 now so I would say this one was definitely the most memorable and freaky.

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