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Dark Witch

I am only 14 and last night I experienced a "sleep paralyse" but I found that my one was quiet different than others, I was kind of asleep then all of a sudden I felt myself going completely numb I couldn't move, scream etc. Then what I could make out as a witch (not a dark shadow) grabbed my arm very aggressively and she would not let go, I could make out that she was a witch by the long grey and black hair and the long nails, she looked similar to the witch out of the 'Conjuring' she stared into my eyes and while she was grabbing my arm the bed started spinning around quiet slowly, I then woke up screaming and she disappeared, I have asked many people if the same thing happened to them and no one seems to have the same experience as me I would like to know if any one has experienced this or if it is normal as it terrifies me.

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