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Demonic Presence

by Miss. H
(PA )

Obviously, I know it wasn't Demonic in nature, and I know it was only in my mind, but it involved me being paralyzed in my bed, just laying there and feeling a hand go down my underpants and looking to the side and this black shadow figure, looked demonic in nature, something I made up I suppose as to what I thought would be demonic? Anyways the closer the mass of it got close to me I felt weird sensations like electrical and it gave out this growl that I can't even begin to replicate. Scared the hell out of me and not being able to move, is no good. After shaking myself out of it I was SO tired. Everytime I go through one of my episodes takes me a bit to realize what is real and what isn't. I've been suffering from bad episodes for a couple years but only recently has it gotten very frequent.

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Cure for Insomnia/Night attacks
by: Jozee

Many in the U.S. do not believe in demonic or evil spiritual beings. Unfortunately, that does not make them go away.

I am proof there is a Living God and He does do Miracles.... I am one.

Jesus came to set the captive FREE.

What have you got to lose? WE all try drugs, drinking, relationships... over and over...

He is the Way, the Truth, the Life...

God Bless


this thing confuses me now
is it demons or is it just "sleep paralysis"
this thing happens to everyone, and in my culture, if this happens to you during the night, u have to wake up and burn some herbs which are believed to have a supernatural power that enables them to chase the dark spirits away.
some say its a three legged beast that sits on the roof above you and its shadow presses you down.

In response to your episodes
by: Shana Ashley Williamson

They are certainly scary. But the phrase for your episodes would be Sleep Paralysis accompanied with Hypnagogic Hallucinations. I am no Doctor but I do suffer from Narcolepsy & experience that which you described often if not nightly as my spirit/consciousness attempts to leave my body (aka an Out of Body Experience or preparation for a Lucid Dream) during that state of paralysis I generally always see something. It was not until the age of 22 that I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy sadly I have been experiencing the illness on a full scale as far back as I can remember. I always believed without a doubt that what I was seeing was real. It was not until I was diagnosed did I understand it was my imagination controlling what I saw. I was scared as I was paralyzed and my lower self controlled me to think of death,ghosts,demons,that are not pleasing growing up with this illness.My Doc told me to not be afraid when Paralysis occurs bc you are setting yourself up for a bad "episode" and of course I tried this and while in the state of paralysis thought of Faeries,Angels,God,Jesus, all things made of sugar and spice lol Believe me he's right.It was upsetting what I was seeing was not real and I was not "Special" in terms of a sixth sense. I have come to terms and realized that most "Psychics" say they r most in tune with their higher/psychic selves when they are very tired. Edgar Case known as the 'Sleeping Prophet'. And with Narcolepsy comes tiredness. So a lot of things I saw as a child during waking hours was not absolutely an hallucination though my Doc did tell me that was a symptom of extreme tiredness. I can not deny some of the things I knew and saw as a child as a lot if not all of them were proven to be true. For instance I saw a Man walk the hallway of my home when I was about 8 yrs old. He arrived when my Aunt acquired a roommate who had 2girls. I informed my Aunt and Mom the women had a deceased man with her and I had seen him. They told me to not worry it was my imagination but I continued to see him as I tried desperately to close my eyelids at night that refused to close. The girls were staying in the room w my sister & I. I would see him walk in kiss them on the forehead for about 2-3 months,then walk back into my Aunt's room specifically her closet.Come to find when this women was moving out, my mom helping her pack up her things and in my Aunt's closet she found a vase she thought but really it was sealed bc it contained the women's deceased brother who coincidentally loved her daughter's like a Father and tada they knew I was seeing it.Although there are more stories I will not go further. Just wanted you to know that at that state where we are hallucinating we have the chance to manifest our reality with thoughts and to another plane/heaven/hell/dimension whatever we can go. And there your imagination can create but the entities r usually real,hopefully good. Good Luck, ASH

by: Jessica

I have been experiencing this for a few years now, here recently they've gotten more frequent and more "demonic" the hallucinations are terrifying. I just woke up from an event and looked in Google to see if I could an answer. Your story seems very similar to mine.

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