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Getting Killed

by Adrian

My sisters would always tell me about my night terrors and they always seem the same... yet I remember a couple.

I was panicking so bad and yelling and crying. My sisters would say I would sweat and be really cold and shake and be burning hot and that I wouldn't recognize them... from my point of view or my memories point of view I ran towards my sisters room yelling my dad was gonna kill me and that I wouldn't let my sister get me and that I would punch them. They said that I ran out of the house once crying and yelling... they said that almost all of my dad was trying to kill me.

I researched and it said it could be some sort of trauma yet my dad has never hit me or done anything to harm me. I also remember of the dream being of me having to fight back to what my mom would say was Thd giant. I actually remember the way the heavy breathing with a sort of gfunt at the end as he would follow me.

One that my mom told me was that they were trying to bury me. I don't see how things like scare me yet the way they explain is so scary because they say my yell is so scary and that the way I don't recognize them. That I'm always fighting back yelling he's gonna get me!!!

By the way I'm 13 and I've noticed It happens a lot when I eat something heavy at night or go to sleep stressed out or really late.

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