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I Went Sleepwalking Or "Sleepriding" When I Was A Kid

by Zed

When I was a kid about 7 years old, I had a dream that my Mom was lost and I had to find her. I got out of bed, got on my bike and pedaled my way to my school to look for her.

My Mom was actually downstairs at the time and had heard the door close and thought it was my Dad coming home. After a few minutes of not hearing anything she thought it was strange that she hadn't heard "Honey I'm Home!" or anything, so she went to investigate.

By then I was already on the way back from the school (it was only a couple of blocks away). I remember even seeing the lady that lived across the street watering her flowers. It was summertime so it was still twilight out. I said hello to her as I drove by.

I wheeled into the carport, got off my bike and started walking to the back door and saw my Mom's face looking out the window of the door. That startled me into waking up. At least that's what she told me. Anyway, that's my sleepwalking experience.

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