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Menacing Angels Could See Right Through Me

by Anton

The alarm clock went off and woke me for another day (or so I thought). As I lay in bed waking up I began thinking about the mundane morning routine. Brushing my teeth, having a shower and getting ready for school.

But as I laid there with my eyes closed I suddenly felt odd. It felt as if I was slowly rising and floating about six inches off the bed. But I could still feel the mattress under me as I laid on my back with my arms at my sides.

At this point it felt as if I had also begun to slowly rotate while floating over my bed as if I was on an invisible rotisserie.

I remember the thought entering my mind, "Something weird is about to happen..."

At that moment I opened my eyes and there standing at the foot of my bed was a being. He looked like a man, had short hair that seemed to be made of white flames. He was smiling, or grinning at me with and incredible intensity in his eyes that seemed to look right through me.

The feeling I got was that he knew everything there was to know about me and nothing could be hidden. His gaze was mesmerizing and at the same time terrifying. But his hand caught my attention.

He was holding his left hand up and was making a gesture I had not seen before. With his palm facing me his thumb, index and pinky finger were outstretched while his middle finger and ring finger curled in toward his palm.

At this point I was transfixed by this strange figure mocking me at the foot of my bed. I remember wondering what his hand signal meant when suddenly an arm came across my chest!!!

Still laying in bed I snapped my head to the right and there laying next to me, with our faces now only inches apart was another such being. It then spoke to me in a very strange, deep, reverberating voice. It said, "We want you."

I have never been so terrified in my life. That's about when I "really" woke up and was so scared I couldn't move (sleep paralysis actually). I was still living at home then and I called out for my mom in the other room. (When we get that scared we still call for our mommies! LOL) But I couldn't speak at all. I tried to call out but as hard as I tried nothing would come out above a laboured whisper.

This experience was waaaay more vivid than any dream I've ever had. It was the scariest experience I've ever had and I can remember and feel it like it was yesterday.

Eventually, out of curiosity, I looked up the hand signal the being at the foot of my bed was making. I found it in a book about sign language. It meant "I Love You". But to the best of my knowledge I did not know that or any other sign language (at least consciously) at the time.

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