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My Night Terror Experiences

by Andy Hornett

I have had many night terror experiences ever since I was little and I am now 16. I have a night terror at least once a week and am now starting to get scared about going to sleep.

I don't normally remember my night terrors but my mum and dad tell me about them when I wake up. In my night terrors there is normally somebody that is trying to kill me. Recently it has been the same person, again and again. Someone named Tony. I don't know anyone named Tony.

There was one incidence where I remembered my night terror when I was about 7 years old. This man called Tony was standing over my bed. I couldn't actually see him and have never seen him, only his shadow. He talked to me saying that I'm going to die a slow and painful death. At this point I ran downstairs with him following me. My mum came downstairs and this guy called Tony killed my mum. From what I could see my mum was dead on the floor and alive in person. I thought it was her ghost and ran away and didn't come back till the morning after. When I came back my mum was alive and everything was normal.

After this night terror the same guy has been in my night terrors and is always telling me I'm going to die a slow and painful death. He has a massive sword with him all the time and it always has blood dripping off of it.

Tony always tries to torture me but he never has. In one of my night terrors he has slit my arm open and it felt so real and felt like I had actually had my arm slit open. No body believes me. I just want to know if anyone else has had experiences where you have been injured and can actually feel the pain?

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How did you deal with it?
by: Mya

I have the same problem. I'm really thinking about getting railings for the side of my bed because my latest problem has been falling onto the floor in the middle of the night. Hitting the ground scares me more than the actual night terror! I did a search and found this website that sells bed rails. It's at http://www.homehealthmedical.com/

Can anyone let me know if you have experience buying from that company before? I always like to get a review before I buy stuff online.
Thanks for the help!

In response to feeling the physical effects in your night terror
by: Shana Ashley Williamson

Yes. First I want to say to you that these "Night Terrors" sound a lot like Sleep Paralysis accompanied by Hypnagogic Hallucinations as well as Sleep Walking and a Trance like state after its occurred but somehow stays with you for awhile creating a Panic Attack in you from the Traumatic experience that these Disorders and symptoms entail. I am not a Doctor and in no means can diagnose you. You need to go to a Doctor and find out right away what helps.I am diagnosed with Narcolepsy with Extreme Daytime Sleepiness,Cataplexy(extreme muscle weakness),
Sleep Paralysis,and Hypnagogic Hallucinations.So basically all 4 symptoms of this illness.I can relate to your experience:from the time I was a teenager into adulthood my Sleep paralysis and Hallucinations were much more prevalent and terrifying.I suppose its a factor to do with hormones,I also as you said would walk out my bedroom after an attack and my mom would say your as white as a ghost and I would always say I can not talk about it and then walk into the bathroom turn on the light look at myself in the mirror turn and go to bed. Now I never remembered those "walks" parse until my mom concerned would question me the next day. That's something I experienced often and don't remember. One time she also found me watching the t.v. at 3AM but a channel that was fuzzy w/that black,white static. When I heard that I freaked.Even 2day feel actual pressure,pain,pleasure,euphoria with paralysis or OBE. At this time it feels my surroundings are real but in fact it's my spirit/conscious creating reality as I remember it.I NOW have fun, no scary stuff. But when I was scared and unaware I would experience extreme terror,see demons, traumatic things. I never actually felt a pain accosted upon me from an entity but I have felt pressure one put on my face,back then it was my right side and I would hear a deep voice,asking if I worked for a certain Zyborg? When I said no bc I felt fear and negativity it immediately came to my throat and it was suffocating me.In my head I said Yes yes I will do whatever you want and the pressure was gone and I awoke with a panic mind racing and ran to tell my rents aliens were in my room forcing me to work for them and that they were abducting me. So this was a hallucination obviously But scary it'll remain. So you need to research your symptoms then go to a Sleep Specialist,take a Sleep test. I did it! It's worth it. It'll get you the right track to a diagnosis,treatment plan,and a healthy sleep lifestyle.Otherwise you'll run yourself down and what could've been averted will become your life when helps waiting on you to ask. Peace and <3 ASH

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