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Old Man At The Window

by Chris

Just for the readers to be aware, I have been experiencing so called "night terrors" for a long time, ever since I was about 15 years old, I am now 29 years old and still experience them sometimes. The most notable of all these was the "old man at the window".

I went to sleep after a long day of playing video games, Halo on the Xbox I recall. I went to sleep in my room. Later in the night I was half awoken by what seemed to be an old man standing at the window and looking at me. In my half awoken state I started to yell and scream at the entity "You shouldn't be there!!" I yelled. "Fuck off, I'm going to get you!" I was yelling at the entity and threatening it. After this happened I remembered running outside to the window, as I got there, there was nothing there and I slowly realized I had been dreaming. What really scared me about this was that when I explained it to my sister, she told me that it sounded like her father (we have different fathers, her father had passed away many years before).

To this day I never saw the old man again but I did have similar experiences with different figures appearing. I put it down to night terrors because I really don't believe in ghosts. I just thought it was strange that instead of being scared I was willing to go outside and fight the figure. Has anyone had similar?

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