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by Sica

I saw something flying at me, I don't remember what it was but it was coming after me.

I was sitting up in my bed trying to figure out what was in my closet then it started to move. Its body was huge and shawdowy and I couldn't see what it was. It suddenly started jumping back and fourth coming straight at me then heading back into the dark closet. I went under my covers hoping it would just go away. I was shaking and scared I wanted it to leave me alone. It felt like a little bit of time passed and I took the covers off my head. Then suddenly it came flying at me. I screamed "LEAVE ME ALONE, PLEASE LEAVE ME A ALONE, GO AWAY!" I ran out of my bed and into the living room where it was still chasing me. I heard my husband asking "Hunny, hunny whats after you?"

I said " I think its a bat, a large bat is after me! Please help me, its after me and the kids!"

I then opened my eyes which I thought I was already awake, I was confused and he was scared with a bleeding lip.

I hit him in the face when he was trying to wake me up from me running around the house in a blind fear. I thought I was still dreaming and closed my eyes.

I woke up in the morning on the couch and my spouse on the floor with a fat lip.

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