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The Angel

by Shana Williamson
(Charleston, SC USA)

I have narcolepsy and experience sleep paralysis almost 5 times a week if not more. I also suffer from the hypnagogic hallucinations and usually when I have sleep paralysis I will see something terrifying or scary as hell.

One time though during my episode of sleep paralysis I decided to take control of it. I felt the sensations, the vibrations, the normal humming in my ear and then I started to almost get scared and I told myself no no no I am going to think of something pleasant since when I think of scary things they generally appear a nice thing couldn't do me any harm.

So I thought of an angel and there I was lying frozen unable to move staring at the ceiling in my bedroom when an angel began descending through it. She was absolutely beautiful. The most precious thing I have ever seen or witnessed. She had long blond/brown hair she was wearing a long flowing gown that was the lightest palest pink I have ever seen. Her skin was pale white and she had a flower in her hair. Her wings were the most magnificent of all. They were light light pink and purple with sparkles all over them. It was like she had some sort of veil over her entire body, including her wings though. It was just draped over her. None the less she was beautiful and she did not wear shoes. I would say her entire wing span was about six feet. It was so amazing I couldn't stop staring at this beautiful angel that I had created with my mind during sleep paralysis.

Then another normal occurrence began I started to rise up out of my body and I was floating, floating, and it was a good sensation all over my body she went up with me and then I slipped into a dream state. I was flying and the dream remained lucid throughout the entire dream. Usually when I wake up in a dream it ends before I have time to manipulate it or do whatever I want, go wherever I want. But this time was different.

I was awake in the dream and I was flying all over the place. The angel was still with me and she was talking to me from behind me I could no longer see her but I could hear her. She was telling me that we were two planes up from earth that we were flying through a basin of people's homes. It was like a huge bowl literally and I remember going to specific places. She took me to the place that she claimed Rhianna the R&B singer would go upon death. It was still in the huge basin but it was sparkly rather than dull. She showed me where Pantera the Rock Band would go as well. It was in a lower side down in the basin and I found it was a little chilling. Either way the place was brilliant and I told her I wanted to go higher up she grabbed something behind me and I felt a tug and I was on another plane.

We were no longer flying though we were walking and she was still behind me talking I could not turn to see her. I just had faith it was her and this plane was green, greener than you could ever imagine. I remember the flowers were like nothing I have ever seen. I didn't see any people anywhere. But I saw streams of iridescent water and animals drinking from it. Horses with beautiful manes and the colors were so vivid. After this I was so astonished I wanted to see more but my time was up because I woke up in my bed and the sleep paralysis and dream was gone. But I will never ever forget it.

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