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They're after me

by Jonathan
(Portland Oregon)

I was asleep only in my mind, someone was trying to get into my room. I had put my dresser drawer in front of my door because I had thought that people were coming in my room at night. I was on my bed only in my dream my step brother was trying to get into my room. He was angry and kicking on the door. I wake up and confront him about it and the scratches on the door and he denied it.

This was hard for me to believe..."They're out to get me," I was suspecting. Only due to similar things happening over time...It was finally seen as sleep walking. All the while, in my head I'm lying in bed and not going anywhere. It is someone else, or I'm dreaming another person is doing it.

Just last night I was sleeping only dreaming my step father was reading my journal in the dining room. I wake up and the journal is in the dining room on the table. I did have it in my room, confronted him about it today and he hadn't gone into my room at all in the last week.

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