If you’re looking for a natural snoring remedy, surveys indicate that you are not alone

An estimated 45% of normal adults snore occasionally and about 25% snore on a regular basis. A lot of it has to do with the “way” that you sleep.

One remedy that is often effective is simply to turn over on your side. Wives often wake their husbands and tell them to roll over. It really works, believe it or not. But some people will continue to snore even on their sides. If that is the case, the problem could be excess

Overweight people are simply more likely to snore. According to CDC estimates from 2005 and 2006, 67% of all Americans over the age of 20 are overweight or obese. 34% are obese.

The excess weight makes it harder to breathe, even when sleeping. Fat deposits around the throat and soft palate make it more likely that a person will snore. The sound is actually caused by vibrations of the soft palate at the back of the throat.

One of the best "natural snoring remedies" is to lose weight

Just a moderate amount of weight loss could help reduce the amount that you snore. It will also benefit your health in other ways. So a healthy diet could be considered a natural snoring remedy.

One of the natural snoring remedies is to avoid alcohol in the evening. The sedative and muscle relaxing effects of alcohol can cause you to snore more and increase your risk of sleep apnea, a condition in which the breathing stops repeatedly throughout the night.

Your sleeping partner has probably noticed that you only snore when your mouth falls open. What causes that?

Loose weights is natural snoring remedies

Clogged nasal passages are commonly the cause. If you have a cold, allergies or sinus problems, your mouth will naturally fall open so that you can breathe.

The shape of a person’s nose can be the cause. Narrow noses mean narrow nasal passages, which would make it harder to breathe with the mouth closed. You may have seen athletes using bandage-like strips to keep their nasal passages open while they play. The nasal strip could also be a natural snoring remedy.

Chin straps are sometimes used to keep the mouth closed and could be quite effective. It is important to choose a good design that puts only a slight amount of pressure on the lower jaw, otherwise they could
interfere with your sleep.

If breathing difficulties are known or suspected, an otolaryngologist should be consulted first. The straps could be dangerous for someone suffering from sleep apnea or other health problems.

Some exercises are natural snoring remedies. They include neck, jaw and voice exercises that work to tighten the larynx and the soft palate.

Keeping the air in your room more humid could help, especially if dried out nasal passages are a problem. Room humidifiers are relatively inexpensive and your partner will probably think it is a worthwhile investment.

Plant-based Aromatherapy

Plant-based Aromatherapy for snooring remedies

Plant-based decongestants such as eucalyptus oil can be useful as a part of aromatherapy for people with breathing difficulties. Care should be taken to avoid ingesting the oils. They are extremely toxic. Pets and children should be kept away from them.

Even though you may think of natural snoring remedies as safer than a prescription drug or a surgical procedure, a natural snoring remedy could be accompanied by risks and negative side effects. Always investigate any warnings concerning the use of a product before you open the package.

If the usual suspects (being overweight, sleeping on your back, etc) do not seem to apply, it could be a good idea to see an otolaryngologist or invest in a sleep study. There could be more going on than meets the “ear”.

Hopefully, you will find the natural snoring remedy that works for you and the visit won’t be necessary.