An electric aromatherapy diffuser can be the answer to your prayers if you are one of the many people who have difficulty falling asleep at night.

Whether it’s caused by the stress of the day weighing on your mind, anxiety that you can’t quite shake or jet lag from traveling, there is nothing more bothersome than lying in bed at night tossing and turning and not getting the sleep you need.

For centuries, homeopaths have turned to the healing powers of essential oils to ease a number of conditions, among them insomnia. Oils such as lavender, chamomile, marjoram, cedar wood and frankincense are all known for their calming and soothing effects, making them particularly helpful for sleep problems.

Just breathing in the scent of these oils can help your mind to slow, your body to relax and your brain to work more effectively, allowing you to fall asleep more easily.

a woman using electric aromatherapy diffuser

How to apply an electric aromatherapy diffuser

While applying these oils topically or simply adding them to a cloth or pillow and sniffing them that way will certainly work, when it comes to sleep aids nothing is more effective than an electric aromatherapy diffuser.

These simple, easy to use devices allow you to get the full benefit of the essential oil for hours at a time without the scent becoming too aggressive.

The function of diffusers is quite simple: you apply the oil to a filtered plate that is then warmed by the electric current, dispersing the scent into the air. Because they don’t require an open flame, it is safe to use these diffusers at night, even in a child’s or baby’s room. Simply apply the oil, set the diffuser and let it work its healing magic.

You can find diffusers in any number of styles to fit into any home décor. And because so many are used specifically as sleep aids they are designed not only to look good but to work quietly so that they won’t detract from you getting a good night’s sleep.

And if you shop wisely, you might even find an electric aromatherapy diffuser with special added functions that make it particularly suited as a sleep aid.

More Than Just An Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

Some diffusers have sleep functions like alarm clocks so that you can set them to run for a defined amount of time before shutting themselves off automatically.

Others have low lights that can work in a soothing pattern in concert with the scent to help soothe and relax you. And some of the latest models can even be synced with your wireless devices to add your favorite music to the aromatherapy experience.

electric aromatherapy diffuser on the bed side table


Because they are becoming so popular, there are a wide variety of diffusers available both through specialty shops and larger retailers like Amazon. And you should be able to find a diffuser at a price that you can afford, so cost should not be prohibitive either.

If you’re looking for something to help you relax and fall asleep more easily, why not consider an electric aromatherapy diffuser? It’s the safe, all natural alternative to prescription or over the counter sleep aids that has worked wonders for generations of insomniacs.

The key to falling asleep and getting the rest you need might just be through the soothing world of essential oils.