Hopefully, the following insomnia tips will help you get the sleep you need. There are plenty of sleeping pills on the market, but if you are here surfing the internet, you are probably looking for something different. Let’s start with something fun.

Insomnia Tips: Have sex

Have sex. Masturbation works, too. If your problem is falling asleep,
having sex or masturbating to the point of orgasm should make you just
drowsy enough to fall off to sleep…

Warm bath

You’re back already? If you tried that and it didn’t work, consider
taking a warm bath. Assuming you have a tub large enough to recline in
comfortably, a warm bath should help you relax. Turn the lights down
low. Light a candle and play some soft music.

Insomnia Tips: Turning the lights down

Turning the lights down may be the only solution you need. Our bodies naturally produce melatonin (a natural sleep aid) when the sun starts to go down. But all of our artificial lights can interfere with what the body would naturally do.

The production of melatonin is triggered within the eye, as a response to low light. Just looking at your computer screen right now could be the cause of your trouble sleeping. Watching TV in the bedroom is another big problem.


Turn off TV

How many of you have a TV in your bedroom? Most people do. It is okay to watch a little TV, but you should turn the set off at least one hour before your decided bedtime.

Some people say watching TV helps them drift off to sleep. If that were true, you wouldn’t be searching the internet for insomnia tips.
Would you?

Cooler Temperature

Is it too hot in your bedroom? People sleep better in cooler temperatures. You could use a fan to lower the temperature if other people in the house like it hot. The droning sound of the fan may also help lull you to sleep.

Insomnia Tips: Comfortable bed

Is your bed comfortable? You might not be in the financial situation to make use of these insomnia tips right now, but here’s a list of some of the things you might consider buying:

  • New Mattress — Too soft, too hard, too small, too lumpy, etc. If it’s old, it could be your problem (See also: How to Choose a Mattress)
  • New Pillows — Be sure to treat yourself right with high quality pillows like Genuine Makura Buckwheat Hull Pillows.
  • New Sheets — Any little discomfort can be enough to prevent insomnia-prone individuals from drifting off.
  • New Blankets — Get a blanket that keeps you warm enough but still breathes to keep you from getting overheated.


Reading a book

Instead of watching TV or playing on the internet tonight, try reading a book. You don’t want to pick anything too exciting. You want something more like a soothing bedtime story than a thriller.

Bedside Lamp

Many of the previous insomnia tips focused on the role played by the amount of light in your bedroom. Use a soft bedside reading lamp instead
of your overhead lights. Get in a comfortable position and read something boring or at least something not too exciting.

Insomnia Tips: Warm milk or herbal teas

Warm milk or herbal teas could help you relax. Calcium tends to soothe jagged nerves, as long as you are not lactose intolerant or suffering from a frequent need to urinate, the age old cup of warm milk remedy should work. 

Be cautious about choosing herbal sleep aids and teas. Other natural insomnia tips having to do with herbal remedies should be viewed with caution, too. Although herbs are not regulated as such, many have pharmaceutical activity. They are drugs. You should learn about the possible side effects and follow the package directions carefully before using an herbal sleep remedy.

Eat snack

If you don’t suffer from acid reflux, eating a bedtime snack could make you sleepy. Meats, cheeses and protein are good choices. Sugar, even the naturally occurring ones present in fruit are bad choices.


Tomorrow, try to cut back on your caffeine intake. Get some exercise during the day and try to get up at your regular time, even if you are up late tonight.

Turn off your computer

Just a few more insomnia tips before you go. Turn off your computer. Lie down, close your eyes and count some sheep. That could work as well as anything else.