NightWave Review: Can the Night Wave Sleep Assistant Help You?

As a part of this Nightwave review, I have included the reports seen in over 30 other reviews published on the internet. While there have been a few complaints, none had to do with ineffectiveness. The system works.

One reviewer called it a cheap low-tech gimmick, saying that it was “absolutely” not a “bio-resonance tool”, but admitting later on that it does work to help you adjust your breathing. Apparently, the reviewer expected something different.

I assume the reviewer was referring to bio-resonance therapy, which is a form of alternative medicine used to treat addictions and diseases.

Bio-resonance is a form of electromagnetic therapy. There is little evidence that bio-resonance works. In fact, there is at least one case of online fraud connected to the therapy.

If the reviewer thought Nightwave was a bio-resonance tool, he or she must have thought that bio resonance was some kind of high tech effective treatment for insomnia. There are no studies archived at concerning bio-resonance and insomnia.

My sister suffers from persistent insomnia due to congenital brain abnormalities

There are actually no high-tech treatments for typical cases of insomnia. There are a few rare childhood cases involving an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep for hours at a time due to congenital brain abnormalities.

Brain surgery to correct the abnormality is very high-tech. But most cases of insomnia are very low-tech in nature and require very low-tech treatments. The problem is really all in your mind.

If you are thinking of getting a NightWave review the following information and feedback from people who have tried it.

In another Nightwave sleep assistant review, a grandmother writes about getting her first good night’s sleep in over a year, all because of the little blue light on her ceiling.

Why Does the Nightwave Work?

There are many reasons why Nightwave works. While the system might be considered low-tech by some, it was actually very well thought out.

The color blue is a soothing one. In the grandmother’s Nightwave sleep assistant review, she mentions that several times.

The brightness of the light is soft, not glaring like your computer screen or television set. The soft light is actually more comforting than complete darkness. The light goes off automatically after a set period of time.

My mother struggles to fall asleep in a completely silent environment

If you are still awake after that time, you can reset the device and try again or roll over and go to sleep. Most people find that they fall asleep during the first session and stay asleep until the following morning.

In another Nightwave review, a father writes about how the device worked to help his seven-year-old daughter fall asleep. The grandmother mentioned that it helped her granddaughter relax, too. Since there are no risks associated with its use, Nightwave can safely be used by children and adults. There is no risk of interaction with medications, since this is not a pill or a drug.

Like many people today, I prefer natural approaches for any ailment. I believe natural remedies are safer. Of course, there are some exceptions. Sedative herbs like valerian root could be just as dangerous as drugs.

Another Nightwave sleep assistant

Another Nightwave sleep assistant review mentions that the approach works better than a sound machine. The idea of a sound machine is to block out other more annoying sounds, which is only beneficial if a noisy environment is the cause of your trouble sleeping.

Well, actually some people have trouble sleeping when it is too quiet. They use the sound machine to drown out the silence. I suppose it is all a matter of what you get used to or it could be related to tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears that is heard only when everything is very quiet.

There are lots of reasons why people can’t fall asleep. The typical Nightwave review indicates that the system addresses many of those reasons. It has certainly worked for others and may be just what you need to help you fall asleep too.