The best air bed will do one thing very well; it will relieve the pressure placed on your body by an ordinary mattress. While firmer mattresses have long been the recommendation for people suffering from morning aches and pains, particularly lower back pain, little thought has been given to the pressure points. When anything presses against your body for a long period of time, it can cause pain.

Our modern bedding is far superior to what our ancestors had to deal with. There is no doubt about that. But since technology has advanced, why shouldn’t we have a technologically advanced bed.

Many people move about throughout the night. But if they do happen to be sleeping very well, they could stay in one position long enough for the pressure from the mattress to cause pain.

You are probably not old enough or immobile enough to worry about bed sores or ulcers. But, it may impress you to know that air mattresses were recently used at Nottingham University Hospitals to reduce the incidence of those pressure-induced ulcers.

After making the change, the number of new ulcers dropped from nine per month to one per month. So, they do significantly reduce the amount of pressure put on the body by traditional bedding. There is no doubt about it.

The best air beds are not necessarily the most expensive. Some of the bells and whistles might run up the price without providing any additional value. The value in this case is a better night’s sleep.

One of the features that cost more, but might not provide any additional value is the extra-stiff rail of foam placed between the chambers of the split-mattress models. The split mattress models are the ones that can be adjusted to different firmness settings on different sides of the bed.

Customers sometimes complain that the rail of foam creates an uncomfortable hump in the center of the mattress. The manufacturers insist that the feature provides additional support. Other manufacturers say that if the design were not flawed, the additional support would not be necessary.

The best air bed, in my opinion, is one that comes with a good warranty. Although leakage is not a common complaint, the mattresses have multiple air-filled chambers with pumps and valves leading to each to allow for individual adjustments in firmness.

Any of the chambers could leak. Any of the pumps could fail. Any of the valves could leak. Manufacturers of the best air beds guarantee your satisfaction. If it becomes uncomfortable in a short period of time due to some failure, defect or design flaw, they will replace it.

Pillow tops and foam layers look nice in the showroom and are initially more comfortable. But, with use, the foam deteriorates. Even memory foam is known to “lose its memory”.

Whether you are buying in a store or ordering a mattress over the internet, a reasonable test period is a good thing to look for. No one wants to go through the hassle of moving out and packing up a mattress, but it is nice to know that you have the option.

Mattresses are a very personal thing. Those that make the best air beds for you might not be comfortable for me. If everyone liked the same type of bedding, there wouldn’t be so many different types to choose from. If the same comfort level was right for everyone, there would be no need for dual firmness controls.

So, you want to be able to try out the mattress. As you probably know, what feels good if you lay down on it for a few minutes, might not feel good after eight hours. The best air bed for you is the one that you can sleep on night after night in comfort.

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