The Restonic Mattress Corporation is a company which offers relatively new forms of mattresses

such as memory foam and latex alongside its traditional innerspring offerings. The company has been operating for three quarters of a century and in the time it has evolved its product line to match the changing demands of the mattress market.

This article will take a look at the history of Restonic, discuss how their mattresses stand out from competitors and look in closer detail at some of their more popular products.

Restronic Mattress

History of the Restonic Mattress Brand

Restonic was founded in 1938 as Triple Cushion Corporation.
Like many other long-running mattress companies they have stayed true to their original point of difference, which was based around extra strength in the center section of their mattresses (a feature named the Marvelous Middle which is still a part of the way their mattresses are designed today – although many consumers complain the mattresses don’t live up to the hype in this respect).

In the 1980s the company began winning awards such as the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy Award, which they have won again six more times in the intervening years.

What Makes Restonic Stand Out

As already mentioned the Marvelous Middle design is an aspect of Restonic design that separates these mattresses from the competition, but the company isn’t simply a ‘one trick pony.’ For instance, some of their more advanced ComfortCare beds include two other relatively recent technologies called Air Flow and Dream Beam.

Dream Beams provide extra strength to the springs within the mattress, which is supposed to increase support and durability (although again, many customers have complained about Restonic beds in this respect). Air Flow technology is intended to simply allow better air circulation throughout the bed.

On the downside, there are many Restonic customers who have complained about a sagging or ‘hammocking’ effect in the middle of their mattress after a very short time period. 

Other complaints have been directed at the durability of mattresses and Restonic’s unwillingness to back up their own warranties. This is definitely something you should be wary about – if you buy a Restonic, check your warranty terms carefully.

What Makes Restonic Stand Out

Popular Restonic Products

The Restonic range of beds is separated into two lines:
the ComfortCare and HealthRest lines. ComfortCare beds are the more traditional innerspring mattresses which are relatively inexpensive.
HealthRest mattresses are those made with newer technologies like latex and memory foam.

Each line then breaks down further:
ComfortCare divides into ComfortCare Basic, Select, and AirFlow. HealthRest also divides into Latex and Memory Foam ranges. Their memory foam beds are becoming more popular, although they’re still relatively
basic compared to many of the mattresses offered by companies that specialize in memory foam.

That said, HealthRest Memory Foam mattresses include some unique features, such as Thermocule technology designed to increase breathability and prevent you from getting too hot while you sleep (this is a common problem with cheap memory foam because it reacts to your body heat).