A sleep apnea pillow or CPAP pillow can be a very simple solution to a potentially life threatening condition

For sleep apnea sufferers, various products and treatments have been developed to help ease symptoms and restore normal sleep patterns while avoiding invasive surgery.

What exactly is sleep apnea?

It is a condition resulting in disruption of air flow to the lungs during sleep. Pauses in breathing can occur frequently throughout the night and they can have a lingering effect. Sleep apnea pillows are designed to prevent the airway from closing by adjusting the position of your head and neck.

There are a number of causes of sleep apnea, primary among them being obesity. The larger you are, the more likely it is that the flow of air to your lungs will be obstructed when you lie down. Nasal blockage and respiratory problems can also lead to sleep apnea, as can smoking and exposure to second hand smoke.


A specially designed pillow for sleep apnea is an easy solution to the problem, one which is not invasive and does not cost a lot

If you notice a change in your sleep habits or you don’t feel like you are getting restful sleep, you should consult with your doctor as you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Once you are diagnosed, there are several methods of treatment which can be recommended.

Everything from changes to your lifestyle to surgery can be used as treatment and sleep apnia pillows are one of many devices which can be used to help ease symptoms.


There are many different pillows available which are designed specifically to help those who suffer from sleep apnea. A sleep apnea pillow will differ from ordinary bed pillows
in that its shape is designed to cradle the head and keep it at a specific angle, to limit impingement of the airway.

Usually in the shape of a triangle, sleep apnea pillows support the head and elongate the neck. They also help to keep the tongue from blocking the airway and relieve pressure on the arms and shoulders caused by sleeping on the side. This will encourage users of the pillow to sleep on their side, making breathing easier.

Another variation is the CPAP pillow

It is specially shaped to accommodate a CPAP mask so that pressure on the mask and hoses are eleviated by indentations that allow for enough clearance. Many who use CPAP machines find using a CPAP pillow to be much more comfortable than regular pillows which
push against the mask which is uncomfortable and causes leakage.

While it can be a great help, a sleep apnea pillow is not recommend for all sleep apnea sufferers. Those with severe forms of apnea may require corrective surgery, and those
who are extremely obese will not likely benefit from the use of a pillow. But for the majority of suffers, who have only mild symptoms, one simple purchase of a specially designed pillow may be all you need to get you back to having a restful sleep.

Lack of sleep can affect all aspects of your life, so sleep disorders should never be taken lightly. Especially when the answer is as easy as changing your pillow. If you suspect you have sleep apnea, see your doctor today and consider using a specially designed sleep apnea pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep.