The words sleep bra would probably make many women cringe

Wearing a bra can be uncomfortable enough during the day; the thought of doing so at night is just unimaginable. Yet for many women, sleeping in a bra is a regular habit and something that they absolutely swear by. In fact, the extra support that a bra provides may actually contribute toward getting a better night’s sleep. As with most sleep related subjects, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed.

The obvious question when discussing this particular topic is why any woman would consider wearing a bra to bed at all? There is really one main reason, which is naturally the biggest pro of all and that is getting the proper support for your breasts. This is the idea behind wearing a bra at any time, day or night, and it is very important for several reasons.

woman sleep with bra

Why should consider wearing a bra to bed?

First off, without the proper support on a regular basis, time and gravity will take their toll on the breasts, causing them to sag and droop. This can also lead to weakening of the muscles and even poor circulation in the area around the breasts. This same theory holds true at night, even though you’re lying down. Gravity still does its thing, pulling your breasts sideways instead of down, causing discomfort and disrupting your sleep. This is where using a sleep bra can make a big difference.

Many women just feel more comfortable when their breasts are supported and that feeling of comfort can help them sleep better. Not surprisingly, this is particularly true for larger breasted women. Sleeping in a bra is not usually necessary for women with A or B cups, but with those who have DD or larger cups, it can be crucial.

On the negative side, many women find the idea of wearing a sleep bra extremely uncomfortable. This can be true if the bra is not properly fitted. Any bra that is too tight and doesn’t allow for proper circulation or breathing is certainly not recommended, nor is wearing a bra with underwire. While the extra support of underwire can be helpful during the day, at night it can cause discomfort and even be dangerous if it pokes you in the wrong place.

Though there has been some concern about a connection between wearing a bra at night and developing breast cancer, the medical community has actually found no such evidence and indicates that it is perfectly safe to sleep in a bra. At the same time, doctors who specialize in sleep disorders recommend this option in order to help you get better quality sleep.

Get A Sleep Bra Specifically Designed For Nighttime Use

For the best results, experts recommend using a bra for sleeping that is soft, wire free, and free of padding, snaps or hooks, to maximize comfort. While any bra can be used for sleeping, there are some that are specifically designed for nighttime use. And though these bras are especially helpful for larger chested women, they can be used by anyone and may also be particularly helpful for women experiencing breast discomfort caused by pregnancy, nursing or menstruation.

There are many factors that can work against you to disrupt your sleep pattern. For women, the size and weight of your breasts may be one of them. If so, you can easily remedy the problem by wearing a sleep bra and go back to getting the restful night’s sleep that you need.