Bedwetting hypnosis therapy may be beneficial, according to some reports. The medical term is for bedwetting is nocturnal enuresis. It may either be primary or secondary.

Primary nocturnal enuresis or PNE occurs in all children. Although it is normal, it is one of the most common reasons for pediatric visits. In many cases, the parents expect children to stay dry too early.

Girls can usually stay dry all night by the age of six; boys by the age of seven. By the age of 10, 95% of all children stay dry all night.

Secondary nocturnal enuresis or SNE is the diagnosis made when children or adults begin wetting the bed after years of being able to stay dry. There are several causes of SNE, including genetics.

A complete physical exam is normally ordered to ensure that there is no infection. A urinary tract or bladder infection can sometimes be the problem and it’s important to rule this possibility out.

The cause could be abnormalities of the urinary tract, a smaller than normal bladder or too much “tone” in the bladder. If the bladder does not stretch normally, it holds less urine.

Other causes include constipation, insufficient production of the anti-diuretic hormone, sleep apnea and ADHD. In adults, alcohol or caffeine consumption could be to blame.

Young boy in bedTo stop bedwetting hypnosis may be a useful tool but underlying medical conditions must be dealt with by your doctor.
Young boy in bedTo stop bedwetting hypnosis may be a useful tool but underlying medical conditions must be dealt with by your doctor.

Bedwetting Hypnosis May Be Recommended By A Therapist

When other causes have been ruled out, bedwetting hypnosis may be recommended by a therapist. But, first, he or she would attempt to rule out other psychological issues, such as a death in the family, excess stress, sexual abuse or being bullied. A connection to improper toilet training has not been proven or disproven.

There are some psychological consequences of SNE, including poor self-esteem and additional stress. So, treatment is desirable. Psychologists stress that it is important for the parent not to react with anger or punishment. It is not the child’s fault.

Medications are sometimes prescribed, although the success of that kind of treatment varies. Some therapists report that bedwetting hypnosis is more effective than prescription medications for anyone over the age of seven.

If hypnotic suggestion is to be used, therapists begin by educating the patient about how the bladder works. For a child, drawings are often employed to increase understanding.

Once the educational part of the session is complete, the therapist attempts to hypnotize the patient. While in the trance, the patient is told that a portion of the brain will cause him or her to wake up when the bladder is full.

Using The Mind To Help Stop Bedwetting

Bedwetting hypnosis makes use of the mind’s ability to have a great effect on the body. During the trance, the mind has the ability to focus completely on a subject. It is better able to ignore the surroundings, noises and other distractions.

It makes use of the imagination, as well. Since most children are very imaginative, they are good candidates for the therapy. They can “imagine” themselves staying dry or waking when their bladders are full.

Adults have the same capacity for being imaginative, but are sometimes more resistant to the power of suggestion. So, bedwetting hypnosis may be less effective when the patient is an adult.

Hypnosis should be performed by a licensed clinical therapist, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist that has additional training in the technique when possible. There are no risks associated with the therapy.

Your Results With Hypnosis For Bedwetting May Vary

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy depends on the experience and training of the therapist. Thus, the results seen in bedwetting hypnosis will vary. Successful therapists indicate that it takes several sessions to see the desired results.

However, one-on-one hypnotherapy can be cost prohibitive. There are also professionally produced self-hypnosis programs available. Many are available in MP3 format and are available on CD or by download. For example, offers a wide variety of programs.

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