The Best Rated Mattress? Best Mattresses Revealed

With the wide range of mattress types and prices choosing the best one can be difficult. Many consumers want to know what the best rated mattress is, because they assume this will give them the best sleep experience. While we will get into detail on the best mattresses in this article, it’s important to remember one thing before we get started: everybody has different needs when it comes to the best mattresses. So don’t assume just because the best rated mattress is popular that it will suit you. You may have specific needs that don’t mirror those of the “average” person.

Also note that there’s a lot of debate out there about which is the best type of mattress: memory foam, latex, innerspring and so on. For that reason I’m going to discuss best rated mattresses from each of the different mattress categories here.

Tempur-Pedic (Memory Foam)

Tempur-Pedic mattresses long provided some of the best mattresses on the market due its combination of durability, comfort and affordability. Tempur-Pedic offers a range of memory foam mattresses divided into three distinct lines based on firmness. The Tempur-HD line provides some of the most advanced technology in memory foam mattresses, with memory that is particularly responsive to your body even compared to other memory foam mattresses. Not surprisingly, though, Tempur-HD mattresses are some of the most expensive on the market. Many people believe this is the best option out there – if you can afford it.

Sealy Spring Free (Latex)

Latex is a material similar to memory foam, but many people actually prefer it due to the fact that it springs back into shape more easily than memory foam (some people feel like memory foam forms a ‘rut’ around them that takes a while to disappear). Sealy Spring Free is a synthetic latex mattress, and while many people prefer organic latex, this Sealy mattress pops up again and again in consumer surveys due to its comfort and antimicrobial qualities. For a top organic latex brand check out E.C.O. or Sleep EZ.

Sealy Posturepedic (Innerspring)

Posturepedic has long dominated the field of innerspring mattresses. In fact, innerspring mattresses are still the most popular type of mattress worldwide – although this is an example of statistics obscuring the truth. Innerspring mattresses are more popular than memory foam and latex because they’re relatively cheap, not because they provide a better night’s sleep. That said, if you’re not interested in blowing your life savings on latex or memory foam a mattress, Posturepedic is probably going to provide you the best comfort for the lowest cost.

Select Comfort (Air Mattress)

Few people opt for air mattresses because they’re relatively expensive even compared to latex or memory foam. In fact, because they’re relatively rare many people don’t even understand what an air mattress is. This mattress type essentially uses air pockets to cushion your weight rather than springs or foam. The appealing thing about Select Comfort is that with these mattresses you can adjust the air pockets to change the firmness of each side of the bed – perfect for couples who prefer very different firmnesses for their sleeping surface.

Bergad Isoform (Memory Foam)

This brand is included here because they’re recognized by consumers as providing high quality memory foam mattresses at very affordable prices, cheaper than some of the higher echelon brands like Tempur-Pedic. The high price tag associated with memory foam mattresses is often a barrier for lower income people, who don’t want to risk spending a huge sum or simply can’t afford it.

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