The Coleman air mattress is a product designed with easy outdoor camping experiences in mind. The Coleman company has been serving American (and now international) campers with high quality products for over a hundred years. Read on to find out about the unusual origins of the Coleman company and what makes their airbeds appeal to their customers.

History of Coleman

Coleman as a company actually has a very surprising story behind it. It by no means began as a mattress maker – in fact the first Coleman products had nothing to do with bedding. Coleman originally developed as a gas lamp making business, which later diversified and began providing a complete range of camping supplies. That’s how the Coleman air mattress was eventually born. Coleman now offers a huge range of camping products, including backpacks, kitchenware and flashlights.

What Makes a Coleman Air Mattress Different

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to camping. Some people like to ‘rough it.’ Others prefer a more comfortable ‘home away from home’ atmosphere. Others like the idea of getting out into nature, but can’t stand having to put up with an uncomfortable sleeping surface at night. This is where a Coleman mattress can come in handy, providing the next best thing to a real bed right there in your tent.

They specialize in offering very affordable large air bed products, with queen size beds available from under $40. This kind of pricing is for low-lying mattress. Coleman also offers elevated air mattresses which really reflect the size of a normal bed, helping you stay well off the ground no matter where you’re camping. These elevated beds even work well for temporary sleeping surfaces at home, when you’re moving house or have guests.

They have even taken camping gear innovation to a new level with a Coleman air mattress product that incorporates memory foam technology. If you sleep on a memory foam bed at home and you feel you can’t live without it, this is a product that’s worth looking into. It’s an elevated airbed with a memory foam topper.

One drawback of the Coleman air mattress line is that they take up a reasonable amount of space even when they’re deflated, so they’re not ideal for trips where you won’t be taking a vehicle with storage space. That’s one of the trade-offs of having a king or queen size airbed that requires a pump.

Popular Coleman Products

The Coleman Queen Size Air Mattress is one of the more popular products Coleman sells. It’s large enough to support most couples comfortably while also being one of the cheapest options in Coleman’s range.

If you want something a little more like a ‘real bed,’ you might want to check out the Double High QuickBed. For an extra $20 or so you can get a model which is more or less the same in design but comes with a built-in automatic electric pump so you don’t have to worry about inflating it.

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