The Simmons Beautyrest mattress line has many passionate followers, but it has also attracted quite a few critics.

One of the big plus sides of the Beautyrest mattresses is their incorporation of independent coils which help minimize movement transfer through the mattress, meaning less disturbance when you’re sharing the bed with your partner.

On the downside, many customers have found their mattresses didn’t last particularly long. Let’s look closer at the history of the brand and how it developed before going deeper into the unique features and downsides of Beautyrest mattresses.

Simmons Beautyrest mattress line
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History of Simmons and the Beautyrest Line

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress was first developed in 1925. It was based on the patented Pocketed Coil design – a design which essentially means a coil of wire is inserted inside a pocket of fabric.

This unique coil design is one of Beautyrest’s major points of difference from other innerspring mattress manufacturers.

Simmons has often been an innovator in the bedding market. For instance, in 1950 they introduced the king and queen sizes for the first time. This sparked a fundamental change in what consumers expected from their sleeping experience with a move towards bigger, mure luxurious and ultimately more comfortable beds. It also attached a kind of ‘status symbol’ aspect to larger beds.

In 1999 another breakthrough occurred for Simmons when they developed the HeavenlyBed specifically for use in the Westin Hotel chain. This helped spread the brand name further and made Beautyrest beds a much more desirable possession for many people who experienced the comfort they offered while on holiday. In more recent years Beautyrest has pushed its innovations to the next level by combining its traditional
Pocketed Coil designs with memory foam toppers.

What Makes Beautyrest Different?

woman beside Simmons Beautyrest mattress
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The Pocketed Coil design has always been the backbone of the Beautyrest brand and it’s still a big part of the reason for the brand’s popularity. The comfort and therapeutic
qualities of the Pocketed Coil design have been praised by many happy customers. Many people are willing to pay the relatively high prices for a Beautyrest mattress because of these factors.

As mentioned though there have been a few criticisms of Beautyrest mattresses from customers. In particular Beautyrest has been targeted for its lack of durability. Some customers have complained that their mattress has worn out to the point of needing replacement after less than 10 years of use. Other customers have found a noticeable sagging in their mattress after only a year or two of use.

Popular Beautyrest Mattresses

There are four main categories of Beautyrest mattress:

  • Beautyrest World Class
  • Beautyrest Elite
  • Beautyrest Classic and
  • Beautyrest NXG.

The range that will best suit your needs depends to an extent on your budget and your own preferences and health considerations, but if you want to make the most of memory foam combined with Pocketed Coil technology you’ll want to check out the Elite and NXG ranges. If you want something relatively cheap without the ‘bells and whistles’ check out the Classic range.


Photo from beautyrest site