The Kingsdown mattress company offers a range of uniquely designed mattresses intended to offer a high level of spinal support and comfort. The idea is to ensure a healthier sleeping experience for customers with mattresses that are designed with posture alignment in mind.

The mattresses are made with a combination of springs and softer ‘cloud’ material. Kingsdown combines mattress materials in a way you won’t see
with many other mattress makers

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The History of Kingsdown

Kingsdown has its origins in the Mebane Bedding Company founded in 1904. The company has maintained many of its earliest principles based around high quality hand-made innerspring beds, using the ‘box spring.’

Since then they have adapted to incorporate new technology and materials into their mattresses in order to keep up to date and compete with more
recent innovations like memory foam and latex mattresses.

The name Kingsdown was originally a mattress sold by Mebane, but as that particular product became more and more popular it was adopted as the name of the company itself. By the 1970s Kingsdown, Inc. was in full
swing and trading internationally.

Over the years Kingsdown has won numerous awards including the National Home Furnishings Association

Unique Features of Kingsdown

One of the impressive things about Kingsdown as a company is their ongoing investment in technology which helps them figure out how best to provide comfort and support for different types of customers. In the 1990s they developed a computer technology called DormoDiagnostics.

The purpose of this program is to analyze a person’s body type and calculate the most appropriate sleeping surface. The results of this can be surprising at times, when some customers realize their preference for a particular type of sleeping surface has actually been causing them problems with their neck or back which can easily be relieved with a change of mattress. This technology has now evolved into a more advanced form called BodyDiagnostics.

As for the mattresses themselves, there are some unique aspects to the design also worth mentioning. For example, unlike many innerspring beds, Kingsdowns don’t rely solely on their springs to provide support. Kingsdown mattresses employ ‘Full Body Surround’ materials, which encase the inner springs to provide an extra level of durability and support.

The Cushion Cloud material used as a pillow top on Kingsdown mattresses is similar in its effects to memory foam, reducing pressure on joints and making it easier to lie comfortably without needing to toss and turn.

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Popular Kingsdown Mattress Products

Unlike many other popular mattress makers, Kingsdown is not a range –
it’s the brand name applied to a single type of mattress as described so far. The real question then is not which Kingsdown product is most popular but why this mattress type has proven to be so effective for so many people.

Customer responses indicate Kingsdowns have had positive effects for people with health problems like arthritis. Some people start out being skeptical of the value of all the research and development that has gone into developing the Kingsdown mattress, but when they sleep on one of these beds they realize it’s more than ‘just a mattress.’