The Sealy mattress brand is one of the best-known mattress manufacturers around the globe

They’ve developed a wide range of bed types and lines over the decades they’ve been operating, from memory foam to innerspring and with a variety of price ranges and levels of luxury.

All in all this makes them one of those widely appealing mattress manufacturers that seems to have ‘something for everyone.’ But do they have something for you? Read on to find out more about the history of Sealy, what makes Sealy mattresses stand out and which of their products are the most popular.

Sealy Mattress

History of Sealy

Sealy is one of the longest running mattress manufacturers still dominating the market today, having been founded way back in 1881. The company began as a manufacturer of cotton-filled beds and this has been a recurring theme behind the brand ever since – many Sealy customers are fans of the
softer mattresses they produce (although they also have a range of
firmer products to suit other preferences).

Sealy was an early innovator with innerspring mattresses – a mattress type that still comprises a large chunk of their business, even as they’ve evolved and developed new products with modern materials such as latex.

Embody by Sealy is the range of mattresses that best represents Sealy’s attempts to push forward and change with the times, making the most of memory foam and latex materials to offer mattresses that are not only comfortable but also good for the sleeper’s body and health.

memory foam

What Sets a Sealy Mattress Apart

If you talk to owners of Sealy products, there are a few positives and negatives you’ll hear over and over again. On the positive side, affordability and durability tend to be high on the list.

Sealy has a good reputation for manufacturing solid, long-lasting mattresses, and their reach around the globe and high manufacturing volumes allow them to sell their products at very competitive prices. Many customers have also been pleased with the extra level of back and neck support they get from their Sealy bed.

What many consider to be the biggest advantage of Sealy beds, though – their reputation for softness – is also seen as their biggest drawback by people who prefer firmer beds. Some customers complain the Sealy range lacks enough options in terms of firmness. If you prefer a firm sleeping surface you may find that many of Sealy’s products don’t quite
fit the bill.

Popular Sealy Mattress Products

Posturepedic mattresses

The Sealy Posturepedic range has been extremely popular for well over a decade now.The Posturepedic mattresses represent some of Sealy’s most innovative developments in innerspring beds.

If you’re looking for a memory foam or latex option, there are the basic and affordable Sealy Brand beds as well as the more advanced, upmarket Embody by Sealy range. For the ultimate luxury Sealy has to offer you’ll want to check out the Stearns and Foster range, which are at the higher end of the price spectrum but have provided a whole new level of comfort for those who can afford them.