The Comfortaire mattress brand is something of a ‘high-end’ line of mattresses, which have been marketed over the years as symbols of luxury. Is that reputation really justified? Let’s take a look at what make Comfortaire stand out, how their mattresses are made and most importantly how their customers really feel about their products.

History of Comfortaire Mattress

Comfortaire is a relatively young company as far as bed manufacturers go, being founded specifically as an airbed company as opposed to the innerspring mattress companies that have long dominated the mattress market. Comfortaire’s mission from the beginning was to create high quality springless mattresses that would provide superior comfort and support.

What Makes Comfortaire Different

‘Comfortaire’ is more than just a luxurious sounding name – it actually relates directly to what makes Comfortaire unique amongst their competitors. A Comfortaire mattress includes an air layer in their design which helps achieve a better spinal alignment when you sleep, meaning Comfortaire beds can be good for your posture. Many mattresses actually misalign the sleeper’s posture because their firmness doesn’t allow the mattress to conform to the right shape for the body – so instead the body has to conform to the bed, thus going out of alignment.

But one of the other major benefits of having an air layer is that it makes the firmness of the bed highly adjustable. Each mattress comes with a control which allows you to actually change the firmness of the bed to match your own preference.

This is not to say that Comfortaire beds are simply airbeds – they’re a little more advanced than that. The air layer is on top of a layer of foam, and beneath a layer of quilting which gives the surface of the mattress its soft and luxurious feel.

It’s the unique approach to design and the commitment to high quality materials that has led to Comfortaire getting a lot of positive word of mouth from its customers. Many Comfortaire mattress buyers are extremely satisfied with their mattresses, and those who are unhappy are relatively few and far between. Most complaints are about small things like the fact that the pump which inflates the air cell is quite noisy, but because the pump is not used often this doesn’t matter much. Bigger complaints usually relate to the experience some customers have of the feeling of sleeping in a ‘pocket.’

Popular Comfortaire Beds

There are only a handful of beds in the Comfortaire mattress range, but one of the more popular of these is the Comfortaire Cerenity mattress. Most buyers of this model report being satisfied with the level of comfort and healthier sleep they’ve experienced, as well as being satisfied that they got what they paid for.

The Comfortaire Cerulean is another popular choice. Once again the adjustability of the mattress firmness ranks as one of the positive things many owners of this mattress report. Most customers also say they’re happy with the pricing and feel they’ve got a good deal in terms of how much they spent.

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