Sleepy Time Tea to help with sleep disorder and a good sleep aid

Sleepy Time Tea

Shana Ashley Williamson

I have narcolepsy and suffer from sleep paralysis often. Anyways Sleepy Time Tea is a good thing. It is herbal so no pill to take… and it is good for you. I actually make my own blend of it and I usually can not even hold my eyes open after taking it. I usually use Chammomile, Skull Cap, Valerian Root, Kava Kava Root, Lavender, Jasmine Flower, and Stevia for sugar since its 3 times stronger than sugar use not too much. And I fall asleep real quick.

I drink it hot and if I have a sore throat I add Cadenula Flower or Ginger and it helps soothe my throat. Anyways that’s my potion for sleep. lol

Above I have posted a picture I captured just before bedtime when I was charging and cleansing my aura and right above my alter I took this picture of this orb and in the middle of it is an angel or dove its an amazing thing, in the background is my lamp and alter and me all dark because the flash was off but I am looking directly at the orb, it is neat. Thanks, Ash

Chinese Herbal tea mixes to help with sleep disorder and a good sleep aid

Jinbuhuan Anodyne Tablets


Jinbuhuan is a Chinese herbal medication that I’ve been relying on for about 10 years when I have a sleepless night. I always fall asleep easily but very often wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep. Somebody recommended Jinbuhuan to me and I tried it… and never looked back! It’s very inexpensive and I only need one tiny pill and I get back to sleep within minutes. I can only think of one time when it didn’t work. I’m still amazed by its effectiveness.

Lady using sleep meditation to relax for a better sleep

Focus on Muscle Relaxation


As a child I read, in a woman’s magazine, of a get to sleep process I have used ever since. When sleep eludes me, I focus on the muscles at the top of my head and completely relax them. Then the muscle relaxation process moves down my face, through my neck and chest. I go down one arm at a time, relaxing all the way to the fingers. Sometimes I have to tense a muscle first to feel it and know when it has relaxed.

My muscle relaxation focus proceeds down each leg and if I’m still awake by that time, I begin again. Usually, before two trips down my body have been completed, I’ll be asleep. I think it works by relaxing the mind as well as the body. It’s almost a type of meditation, concentrating the mind on one physical area at a time so that the many thoughts assailing it and forcing wakefulness, fall into the background until they are forgotten.

Using sleep with the moon to help with your sleep disorder

My Rescue From Sleeplessness


I have never been a good sleeper, so in many ways I have been a “cat napper” for many years.

These are some of the many things that I have tried;

1) I don’t recommend counting sheep (!) 2) Changing my diet in the evening didn’t help either 3) Less stress in my life didn’t change my sleep patterns, although it has helped me overall enormously ! 4) Exercising or doing Tai-Chi before bed 5) I tried going to bed over-tired, tired or just going to bed – nothing seemed to make much difference.

(However, I have noticed that the different phases of the moon do seem to have an impact on my sleeping patterns.)

I have never taken sleeping tablets or any other main-line drug to help me sleep, the only thing that I have found that relaxes me and helps calm my nervous system enough to go to sleep is the homeopathic “Bachs Rescue Remedy”.

I keep a little bottle of my made-up diluted Rescue Remedy next to my bed and if I am having trouble sleeping, put some of the diluted Rescue Remedy under my tongue and I seem to slide gently into a sleep.

I also carry some in my handbag, especially when I’m doing long drives and I definitely use it before going to the dentist! It is a great stress reliever and it has been the only thing that seems to work for me to put me to sleep.

If you decide to try this, work out your own strength that suits you i.e. how many drops diluted with spring or purified water. My bedtime Rescue Remedy is slightly stronger than the one that I carry around with me.

Hope this helps somebody else !

Lady using a kindle to help with her sleep disorder

Free Sleep Tips on Kindle

I thought you might be interested in some free sleep tips I spotted on Amazon. They’re completely free to download for Kindle and cover everything from apnoea insomnia to stress. There’s a whole range of tips available, but you can download the free ones here.

I hope these help!