The Denver Mattress Company is a small specialist mattress maker. One of the big advantages of buying from Denver Mattress Co. is the fact that you’re buying directly from a manufacturer, not from a retailer, so there’s no mark-up on the price. This means you can get a relatively high quality mattress without having to spend a huge amount of money.

History and Info on the Denver Mattress Co.

The first Denver Mattress Company store was opened in 1995, making this a relatively young brand in the world of mattresses. Denver has long set itself apart from other mattress makers because of its decision to keep full control over its products by selling them on its own. This is the main point of difference with Denver and not surprisingly it’s one of the factors that makes them popular with their more satisfied customers.

What Makes Denver Mattress Company Unique?

Denver are particularly proud of their Doctor’s Choice beds, which are designed to provide not only comfort but spinal health benefits. The claim to fame of the Doctor’s Choice beds comes from the fact that a top spinal cord surgery expert chooses Denver as his brand of preference. This is what spurred Denver along to develop a whole range of mattresses to provide even better spinal support.

Denver also now offers a fairly diverse range of ‘niche’ products for people with very specific needs or interests when it comes to bedding. The selecTek range offers a variety of options including adjustable bed foundations and massage devices built in to the mattress. Once again, because you’re buying direct from the manufacturer you can get these kinds of bells and whistles at relatively low cost.

Many buyers at Denver Mattress Co. have reported good experiences in terms of the sales process and their dealings with staff. One of the main upsides of dealing with a company like Denver is that the staff are a lot more intimately familiar with their product line than the staff at many retail stores selling ‘other people’s mattresses.’ The staff are more knowledgeable about the design and manufacturing processes involved with each mattress and they can explain more clearly why one model costs more than another.

Of course, every company has its faults when it comes to customer service and not all staff members are equal. Some customers have reported less-than-helpful customer service experiences at Denver.

Popular Denver Mattress Company Products

The Doctor’s Choice range of beds mentioned above are fairly big sellers for Denver Mattress Company. The range consists of a few different mattresses: Doctor’s Choice Plush, Doctor’s Choice Firm, and Doctor’s Choice Euro Top. As you can probably guess from the names, the differences between these products is mainly based around their softness – the underlying design is the same in each. One of the key features of these mattresses is its high-density foam which is the secret to its pressure-relieving qualities. The mattresses combine this foam with coils that are designed to respond to movement and pressure.

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