My problem involves not getting enough sleep. I don’t go to bed when I should and I’m woken up by my wife in the morning because she wakes up before me. I can never seem to be in bed and ready to wind down before 11:30. This is because my wife and I are watching TV and checking our emails until we can no longer keep our eyes open. Then, I’m woken up at 5:30am by the shrill of my wife’s alarm when I don’t actually have to wake up until 7 (an extra hour and a half of sleep can do wonders).

I found out about this product called LARK. It’s a wristband that you wear and it wakes you up with a vibration. You set an alarm through the app on the iPhone. The wristband acts like a sensor and tracks how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, and how long you slept for. Even better is that I have my wife use it and the silent vibration wakes her up but lets me SLEEP until 7am. FINALLY!

That extra hour and a half has made a huge difference in how I feel in the morning. I don’t feel as groggy and I’m not as irritated when going into work.

Check it out.