Exercise at least half an our a day, and make sure you spend as much time as you can outside in the daylight.

Why should you exercise?! First of all it is very good for your health. And from a sleeping point of view you get tired and because when you workout, your body temperature raises you will feel more energized and full of life during the day.

Light is good, because it lowers melatonin level in our body. When our melatonin is high we feel tired. So when you use more energy during the day you will be more tired at night. And your body will rush into deep sleep.

Also the sleeping enviroment should be dark, quite and have calm feeling. Also in bed you should only sleep or have sex. Because if you read in your bed or watch TV your brain will associate the bed with thinking or entertainment. And then when you try to go to sleep you brain just wonders around and cant shut off.

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