The Englander Mattress Company originated in the late 1800s as a manufacturer of quality, comfortable beds. Since then it has grown and developed into a company focused around new technologies, particular memory foam and organic latex. That makes Englander one of the more expensive brands out there, but many customers are more than happy to pay the extra cost for what they believe to be amongst the highest quality mattresses on the market. That said, Englander also has its fair share of critics. Read on to learn more about how Englander started up, why they stand out in the mattress market and what their most popular products are.

History of the Englander Mattress Brand

Englander was founded in 1894. Like most other bed manufacturers it has stayed fairly consistent in its vision and goals over the course of its long history, although of course the company has adapted to changes in technology over time. The goal of Englander from its beginnings up until the present has been a dedication to comfort. That said, their mission has evolved somewhat as the mattress market changes – customers now demand more than just comfort from a mattress as mattresses are seen as a way to combat health problems like arthritis and back pain.

What Sets Englander Apart

Englander is the kind of brand which tends to have customers at the polar opposite of the customer satisfaction spectrum – in other words, they either love their mattress or they hate it.

In recent years Englander has chosen to set their brand apart by focusing their attention on new technologies, in particular organic latex. This can be seen in their Nature’s Finest line of mattresses. That shouldn’t detract from the fact that they also offer a range of beds made of memory foam and more traditional innerspring mattresses.

Amongst the big pluses of the Nature’s Finest mattresses is their motion transfer resistance and the fact that they’re allergen free. (One of the biggest problems with synthetic latex is its tendencies to set off allergic reactions in some people). Englander pride themselves on being organic and environmentally friendly.

The biggest critics of the Englander brand tend to repeat the same issues, and most complaints focus around the fact that some of their mattresses develop body impressions quite quickly (within 12 months of purchase). Customers have complained that the mattresses sag easily and don’t hold their shape, although most people do admit the mattress is ‘good while it lasts.’ In other words the complaints are not about comfort but simply about durability and longevity of the mattresses.

Popular Englander Mattress Products

As already mentioned, the Nature’s Rest line is amongst the most popular of the lines offered by Englander, but within this line there’s still a bit of variety to choose from. There are essentially two different types, the Nature’s Rest Organic and Nature’s Rest Latex mattresses. Both are made from natural materials The Nature’s Rest Latex mattresses are made from natural rubber sap, whereas the Organic line also incorporates organic cotton and New Zealand wool in addition to rubber latex.

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