Insomnia Home Remedy Solutions

Sleep is a challenging goal for the insomniac, so each insomnia home remedy they discover helps them get that much closer to succeeding at acquiring a good night’s sleep.

Before we get started, let’s look at the causes of insomnia. If you tend to run on “nervous” energy or are inclined to worry to excess, you probably have your fair share of sleepless nights. In addition, if you tend to overconsume coffee or soft drinks, indulge a little too freely in alcoholic beverages, or are in the habit of smoking, sleep can be a stranger to you at times as well.

Although there are prescription sleep medications and over-the-counter sleep aids, they also pose a danger to the insomniac as he or she can become more and more reliant on their use. Thus, any insomnia home remedy can often help an insomniac replace currently bad behavior with a more healthful mode of living. There are a number of ways we can add “sleep-friendly” remedies into our daily lives.

Most important home remedies for insomnia

queen size bed

One of the most important home remedies for insomnia is found in the environment where you sleep. Make sure your bed is fresh and clean (the sheets and bedclothes are washed and smell good), that the temperature is comfortable and there is good ventilation in the room.

The next prescribed insomnia home remedy regards to diet. Amazingly, eating a salad can be of significant value to the insomniac. Lettuce has a substance in it called “lactucarium” that actually induces sleepiness.

Not only that, foods such as nuts, whole grains, and green vegetables (lettuce again) contain thiamine and magnesium, which are excellent for promoting sleep.

Modifying the behavior with regard to diet is a major undertaking if you are trying to establish a regular pattern of sleep. That means creating healthful eating habits and staying clear of foods that contain fat, sugar, and additives.


My friends are prioritizing exercise to overcome restlessness and achieve better sleep

Another insomnia home remedy has to do with fitness

Include an activity such as walking in your daily routine. Regular exercise can be of great benefit in conquering restlessness and making sleep your goal.

The environment, diet, and physical fitness all play important roles in overcoming insomnia. Additionally, the following home remedies for insomnia can also aid the insomniac in defeating the deprivation associated with a lack of sleep.

Take a warm bath before you go to bed. Add lavender or chamomile, herbs that have relaxing properties, to make you feel drowsy and thus fall asleep.

As already stated, but can’t be emphasized enough, keep your room where you attempt to slumber peaceful and cool. Make sure it is dimly lit as darkness stimulates the production of melatonin, the hormonal substance that causes sleep.

Avoid any caffeine consumption at dinner and thereafter.

My sister drinking a warm glass of milk before bed as a natural sleep aid

Yes, milk is also a good insomnia home remedy. Drink it before bedtime with a couple of spoonfuls of honey.

If you’re lactose intolerant, or milk isn’t your “cup of tea,” try a home remedy of tea made of valerian, salvia, or chamomile. These teas’ soothing properties invoke drowsiness. Use honey to sweeten.

If you’re still unable to relax, go to another room and listen to some calming music or read. Just make sure the music or reading material makes you feel comforted versus anxious. Otherwise, you’ll defeat the purpose.

Any other home remedies for insomnia are ancillary when you establish a sound regimen of diet and exercise. Developing such a routine fosters the habits needed to realize more energy and, as a result, attain a greater predisposition towards sleep.