The Sleep Number mattress line has built its reputation on offering a highly individual sleeping experience

What the means is that their goal is to offer mattresses that suit your own personal sleeping requirements, because everyone is different and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to bedding. They also attempt to produce mattresses that work well for couples, who often have different preferences and needs from a mattress (for example, the
husband prefers a firm surface, the wife prefers a soft surface).

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Sleep Number History and Company Info

Sleep Number, while it has served over 7 million customers worldwide, is a relative specialist compared to many of the other big mattress manufacturers out there. Again, that comes back to the fact that they recognize they can’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead, they’ve chosen to focus on customized and catering to individuals as much as possible.

What's Unique About Sleep Number Beds

As Sleep Number is happy to point out, while other brands often make claims to reduce and eliminate back pain, Sleep Number is the only brand to have this claim proven through real clinical testing.

One of the main features that sets a Sleep Number mattress apart is the adjustable comfort level.
Because of the air cell technology used in the design of Sleep Number mattresses, you can actually adjust the firmness of each side of the bed independently of each other. In other words, if you prefer a firm bed and your wife prefers a soft bed, that’s no problem – you can adjust each side to whatever you prefer. The DualAir technology also helps spread your weight evenly across the mattress surface, which helps reduce pressure on joints.

On the downside, Sleep Number beds are quite expensive and some customers have found they don’t last particularly long. A few unsatisfied customers have complained about the fact that while the adjustable air cells work well at first, they lose their effectiveness
after a couple of years and the mattress becomes just like any other, non-adjustable mattress. The main complaint you’ll hear about Sleep Number mattresses is that the price doesn’t really reflect what you get – in other words, the pricing is based more on the “Wow” factor of the unique technology, rather than reflecting what the beds actually cost to

Popular Sleep Number Products

What's Unique About Sleep Number Beds

Sleep Number Mattress offers the Classic Series, the Performance Series and the Innovation Series, as well as a few other specialty beds. The p5 model from the Performance Series has proven to be a popular choice. As well as the dual air system
it also includes a pillow-top for extra softness and comfort.

Lower down the price range you have the basic C2 model from the Classic Series which can be bought new for $999.98. This bed includes the basics of what Sleep Number is all about, including the DualAir technology, and is relatively good bang for your buck compared to some of the higher-end options.