The Temperpedic mattress has long stood as one of the most popular memory foam brands on the market. It’s not often that a product like a mattress develops a passionate customer base, but Tempurpedic mattresses have made such a difference to many people’s lives that they recommend them any chance they get.

Let’s take a look at the history of this mattress, how it became popular and the different types of Temperpedic products available.

The History of Temper-Pedic Mattress

Temper-Pedic Mattress

The story of memory foam is becoming more well known these days – originally developed by NASA as a material for use on space shuttles, it has evolved into a bedding material that many people now feel they can’t live without. After NASA released this newly invented material to the general public over 30 years ago a team of Swedish scientists went
to work on developing it for domestic uses. That’s how the first Tempur mattress was born.

However it wasn’t until 1992 that the Tempur-pedic mattress really took the world by storm when entrepreneur Bob Trussell founded Tempur-pedic. The company has grown steadily ever since capturing a significant share of the memory foam bed market, as well as producing pillows, linen and other home comfort items.

How Temperpedic Stands Out

Temper-Pedic Mattress

What makes Temperpedic mattresses so unique? One thing that helps keep them on the cutting edge of memory foam mattresses is their commitment to research and development. Temperpedic are continually developing new mattresses and looking for ways to innovate on old designs to further personalize the beds they offer and
increase sleep quality and comfort for their customers.

In fact, technically speaking TEMPUR material and memory foam are not exactly the same.
Tempur-pedic took the original memory foam design and adding their own innovations and improvements, so there’s an actual difference in the structural qualities of a Tempur-pedic mattress compared to a generic memory foam bed. Temperpedic beds provide better support and responsiveness and have more joint-pain relieving qualities than many other memory foam beds.

Temperpedic also has a reputation for producing high quality, long-lasting mattresses. They know word of mouth is a part of their brand power, so they focus on creating mattresses that will satisfy their customers and lead to referral sales.

On the downside, Tempur-pedic mattresses are relatively expensive compared to many other memory foam brands.

Temperpedic's Most Popular Products

Temperpedic's Most Popular Products

Many people think the name Temperpedic (or Tempur-Pedic as it is correctly spelled) simply refers to one product. In actual fact it’s an entire product range, divided into three lines. These are the Tempur-HD, Tempur Cloud and Tempur Contour. Each category
has different properties in terms of firmness, thickness, responsiveness to heat and weight, pricing and so on.

It’s tough to say which is really the best mattress on offer from Tempur-pedic because obviously your own preferences for firmness and price come into consideration, but the AlluraBed and the BellaFina bed have both proved to be popular choices over the years. The AlluraBed is made using environmentally friendly materials and includes innovative
technologies that help keep you cool while you sleep, as well as providing an excellent level of comfort and relief for aching joints.