The Aerobed Air Mattress is one of the best known airbed brands around the world. Aerobed has long been a provider of affordable inflatable mattresses for use around the home or on camping trips. Aerobed products are ideal to provide a temporary sleeping space for a visitor. Read on to find out more about this brand and what makes their products popular.

History of Aerobed Air Mattress

Aerobed is one of the oldest dedicated airbed manufacturers out there. The company was founded in 1992 and since then they have been a strong competitor in the market because of their ability to provide a good balance between price and quality. In the last ten years they have come up with new innovations, such as models that inflate to the same size as a regular bed (rather than lying low to the floor like most airbed mattresses).

What Makes Aerobed Mattresses Unique

Aerobed is a brand that has taken airbeds to a whole new level above and beyond what you’d expect for a standard camping airbed. They provide quite luxurious and comfortable beds that mimic a full sized innerspring or foam bed in terms of size and shape. You can get full queen size Aerobeds, including entire layered air beds with pillows built in. This makes Aerobed an excellent choice for a guest room bed, if you only want to use the room as a guest room temporarily. With an Aerobed you can inflate the bed when you have guests, and roll it up and put it away when you want to use the room for other things.

One of the unique aspects of an Aerobed air mattress is the speed with which their beds can be inflated and deflated. This was their original competitive advantage and it continues to be an appealing factor for many customers. The time and effort involved in inflating an airbed is one of the issues that puts many people off buying one in the first place. How quickly are we talking? The latest models from Aerobed inflate in well under a minute and can deflate even faster than that, as well as including firmness adjustability controls.

Aerobed also offer a large range of beds, include variations meant for indoor and outdoor use. This allows you to find a mattresses which suits your individual needs.

Popular Aerobed Mattress Products

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable guest bed, one popular option is the Aerobed Guest Choice Twin Airbed. This mattress is particularly affordable and does everything you need it to do if your guests will only be staying for a few nights. If you plan to host guest for longer time periods, you might want a slightly more expensive model which stands fully inflated at the height of a normal bed. In this case the Aerobed Guest Choice Elevated Mattress is an excellent option and also include a built-in inflated pillow. This product gives guests the feeling they’re sleeping on a real bed while still having the advantages of being easy to inflate and store away after use.

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